Over USD110,000 in prizes will be awarded, with the top 6 winners eligible for a 3-year loan of a rare violin from the Rin Collection.

First Prize: USD 50,000
Second Prize: USD 25,000
Third Prize: USD 15,000
Fourth Prize: USD 6,000
Fifth Prize: USD 5,000
Sixth Prize: USD 4,000

prize loans
Violins from the Rin collection

1753  Guadagnini, Joannes Bapista
1680  Ex-D'annunzio-Baccara Stradivari, Antonio
1840  Pressenda, Francesco
1719  Tononi, Carlo
1721  Montagnana, Domenico
1793  Lorenzo Storioni, Cremona


Goh Soon Tioe Violin and Piano Recital Prize: USD 5,000
Audience Prize (by voting): USD 2,000
Best Performer of Commissioned Work: USD 1,000
Best Performance of Bach: USD 1,000
Best Performance of Paganini Caprice: USD 1,000
Master Bow by Pierre Guillaume awarded to Best Singaporean Performer

performance partners

Aspen Japan
Green Music Center at Sonoma State University
West Australian Symphony Orchestra
China Philharmonic Orchestra
Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra