Over USD110,000 in prizes will be awarded, with the top 6 winners eligible for a 3-year loan of a rare violin from the Rin Collection.

First Prize: USD 50,000
Second Prize: USD 25,000
Third Prize: USD 15,000
Fourth Prize: USD 6,000
Fifth Prize: USD 5,000
Sixth Prize: USD 4,000

prize loans
Violins from the Rin collection

1753  Guadagnini, Joannes Bapista
1680  Ex-D'annunzio-Baccara Stradivari, Antonio
1840  Pressenda, Francesco
1719  Tononi, Carlo
1721  Montagnana, Domenico
1793  Lorenzo Storioni, Cremona


Goh Soon Tioe Violin and Piano Recital Prize: USD 5,000
Audience Prize (by voting): USD 2,000
Best Performer of Commissioned Work: USD 1,000
Best Performance of Bach: USD 1,000
Best Performance of Paganini Caprice: USD 1,000
Master Bow by Pierre Guillaume awarded to Best Singaporean Performer